PostgreSQL 10 EnterpriseDB installation

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This post describes the installation of PostgreSQL 10 using the EnterpriseDB installer. The post is targeted at local installation aimed for development purposes, and not for hosting on a server.

Please download the latest version from here

We recommend version 10.5 of the installer. Previous installers has reported errors during installation. This error was related to a lack of permissions on the installation directory.

If you want to use a version < 10.5 installer please create the installation directory beforehand and give the group “Users” “Full Control” of that directory.

The following screenshots shows the default values of the installer. As we are installing for local development purposes we can safely accept these values, but we recommend changing the installation directory. It is easier to manage permissions and access on directories outside C:\Program Files\

Figure 1: Installation directory


Figure 2: Select components


Figure 3: Data directory


Figure 4: Password


Figure 5: Port


Figure 6: Locale