PostgreSQL installers and versions

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This post covers our experiences of using PostgreSQL for development purposes.

During testing and development of the PostgreSQL database provider we tested different versions of the database itself as well as the two different installers provided on their website.

We have tested PostgreSQL versions 9.6 and 10, but there are no reasons why older versions should not work. The testing and development has been on Windows 10 64 bit computers with 64bit installers.

PostgreSQL can be downloaded from and you can choose between two distributions or installers. The two installers are bundled a little differently. Please read the following notes on our experiences with the two. 


Interactive installer by EnterpriseDB

This installer has a few bugs and issues when installing locally on a Windows 10 machine. 

It is bundled with pgAdmin 4 v3. You’ll want to download 3.2 straight away. Please refer to our article PostgreSQL 10 EnterpriseDB installation for more information.

Graphical installer by BigSQL

We’ve experienced no issues with this installer. It is bundled with a forked pgAdmin 3 desktop software adapted for PostgreSQL 10. pgAdmin 3 is officially not supported anymore by the pgAdmin team.

The Interactive installer by EnterpriseDB

This installer is bundled with the web based pgAdmin 4.

Please note that the version of pgAdmin 4 we tested had a few bugs, but the bugs did not show up on both of the computers we tested.

When creating a database through pgAdmin it will most likely report an error, even though everything was completed successfully. This is a known bug, and can be ignored. Reload the page to locate the new database.

Another issue we’ve noticed is that the database encoding plays a very important role in pgAdmin. For a Norwegian setup using Norwegian Locale, a database created using anything other than WIN1252 encoding will not work well in pgAdmin. For instance right clicking a database and clicking Properties will not work. 

When connecting pgAdmin4 to a Postgres database in Azure we did not experience this specific problem.

Please note that you need to choose “template0” when you want to override the system encoding used by the database engine.

Graphical installer by BigSQL

This installer is bundled with a desktop version of pgAdmin. It is discontinued by the official pgAdmin team, but is forked by BigSQL. Please read

This version of pgAdmin feels more stable and has less bugs than pgAdmin4.

We’ve not experienced any problems during installation related to permissions like we did with the EnterpriseDB bundle.

Connection string

A typical connection string looks like the one specified here, where the two last parameters are only used for enabling/enforcing SSL.;User Id=username;Password=password;Database=db;SSL Mode=Require;Trust Server Certificate=true;