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SalesForce integration?
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I'm planning to integrate Webnodes with SalesForce. Does anyone here have any experience integrating Webnodes with SalesForce? I know there are several ways you can integrate with SalesForce, but which method should I choose?

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We've integrated Webnodes with SalesForce before. But as you probably know, it is hard to give exact answers regarding integrations as your requirements play a major role in how you should do your integrations.

SalesForce offer a number of methods for integrations. For example, they have a form solution where you can create forms in SalesForce, paste the form code into Webnodes, and when the form is submitted, the data is automatically sent to SalesForce. But in my experience, that only works in relatively trivial scenarios. 

The other extreme is a situation where you create a Rest api method from scratch to receive exactly the data you need in the most efficient structure. 

In the end, which method we choose is determined by a few factors:

  • What kind of data we need to integrate
  • If the integration is a two-way or one-way integration
  • What kind of integrations the SalesForce implementor has experience with
  • Which integration type the SalesForce implementor recommends.

Hope this helps a bit. Let us know if you have any more concrete questions.