Installing Relatude is very quick process, no matter if you are running locally on your development machine, or on a server using IIS. Below are detailed instructions.

Download and run setup application

Installation of Relatude CMS is done using the Relatude Setup application. You download the application at If you are running Internet Explorer, the application should start the installation process right away(It's a ClickOnce application). If you use another browser you need to start the exe file manually. When the installation starts, the rest of the application is downloaded:


When the installation is completed, this is the screen that greets you:

There are two ways of installing Relatude. One is to install a demo site, and the other is to "install" or restore a .site file. Restoring a .site file when development is completed is a common way of installing Relatude on a server for the first time.

Installing a demo site

Click the "Install website" button in the setup application to install a new Relatude site, either based on an empty Relatude installation, or one of the Relatude sample websites. 

That loads a new screen, showing the available installation options:

Restore a .site file

To restore a .site file, click the "Restore" button in the setup tool. The first step is to locate the .site file that you want to restore:

The rest of the process is continued below in the "Local machine installation" (or in the Remote installation, if you have enabled it).