Project guide

The project guide draws on the experience from delivering more than 1000 web projects, and is a helpful resource on how to deliver successful web projects using Relatude CMS.

Success for our partners == success for us

Enabling our partners to deliver successful web projects is our main goal. Most of our focus is on delivering the best CMS on the market, but there are many non-technical factors in a web project that can have a huge impact. This guide is a collection of advice that are aimed at helping you minimize the risk of the non-technical factors being a hindrance to delivering a successful project.

Web projects can have wildly different scope and budget, so while we have tried to keep our advice as general as possible, our advice must be tailored to your specific project. A small company presentation website have a very different budget and scope than a big triplenet with multiple integrations.

In a small project, many of the phases we are talking about in this guide can be simplified or even dropped completely. Likewise, huge projects might need to expand on our many of our phases. Use this as a guide to help you, and not as the one true answer on how to do a web project.