Release notes b2000+

Release notes for build 2000 and later. 


What's new

The big feature in this release is the first public release of our UI rewritten from scratch. We’ve been working on this new UI for several years, and in the coming months and years, we will continue to improve the new UI and add new features.

System requirement changes

The minimum required version of Microsoft .NET Framework is now 4.7.1.

To be able to upgrade, you must use a Web Application Project. Website projects are no longer supported. Our setup tool has a conversion feature that helps you with a large part of the work.

Contact us if you have any questions!

Webforms future

With this release we will also want notify users that we will stop new releases of Relatude with support for Webforms sometime in 2020. We will communicate a clearer deadline later this year. The reason for dropping Webforms support next year is because we will transition to .Net Core, and there is no way to run Webforms on .Net Core.

.Net Core

With the release of the new UI, we can drop a huge part of our System.Web code and this will make it possible to start the conversion to .Net Core. We’re in the early states of planning the project.

Installation instructions

Upgrading to the new Edit UI

UI Demos

If you want to book a UI demo before you decide when to upgrade, please contact us.