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    Adding SPF to ensure email delivery using Relatude CMS

    Sender Policy Framework (SPF) increases the chance of your emails being sent and not received as SPAM by the recipient, and for Relatude CMS to function optimally as a relay for your mailing lists and other emails sent from the system.

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    Integrating Relatude with other systems

    A large percentage of web projects today include integrations with other systems. Relatude is ideally suited for such integrations. Let's look at where you can start.

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    OData performance tips

    When connecting to an OData endpoint, there are a number of things to keep in mind in order to get good performance. We'll discuss these issues a bit in this article.

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    Non-latin character sets with Relatude

    If you want to use content that uses non-latin character sets with Relatude, there are a few things to think about before you start your project.

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    Performance tips

    Relatude has an extremely efficient cache built deeply into the core of the system. That means that you in many situations don't have to worry about performance, but in certain situations you need to optimize the template rendering, here are some great tips!

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    Introduction to Semantics for developers

    In this article we shed some light on semantics from a developers perspective. Why it's important and how it's implemented in Relatude.

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    Creating an ontology with Relatude CMS

    Before you can start to publish any meaningful content you will need to define an ontology for your site. The ontology is the structure or schema to use for your content. In more philosophical terms it defines your world. What concepts you talk about and how they relate.

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    Databinding Relatude objects

    All data that you access with the Relatude API is strongly typed. This means it is very suitable for databinding situations.