Pre go-live checklist

Use this checklist before deploying a site. This document is not an acceptance test script. It can be used several times during a project to verify that you have thought of everything.


  • Check that your Relatude site license is ok.

Access rights in Relatude CMS

  • Verify that the correct users and groups are created.
  • Remove test users.

Web site tracking

  • Check that Google Analytics or other tracking services are tracking visits.

W3C validation

Verify HTML using

Browser compatibility and accessibility

If you do not have specific requirement use the following checklist. Site must look and work perfectly according to the design in:

  • Edge Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Latest version of Google Chrome
  • Latest version of Safari on Mac
  • Latest version of Safari on iOS

Performance optimization

  • Test all templates with ?WAFPageTimer=true. This shows the time the system uses to create the html on the server. Normally below 50ms on a fast server. Content count is normally below 500, but anything over 1000 should be investigated.
  • Test the total size of the various pages
  • Check the number of requests needed.
  • Are you using CSS and JS bundling?


  • Check that you have a Fav icon.
  • Pages look ok when printed.
  • Site map is present as .sitemap file or html representation (if requirement)
  • Form validation makes sense.
  • Contact form works.


  • Meaningful page titles on all pages.
  • Headings ordered correctly H1,H2,H3 etc.
  • Only one occurrence of H1 per page.
  • Title tag can be manually set.
  • Alt tag on images


  • Images that are auto resized are correctly resized. Only show original image in special cases.

Error pages

  • 404 page (page not found) works.
  • Custom user friendly error page is shown on server error. (Not stack trace)
  • No results in search display meaningful feedback.

IIS / App Service setup

  • Disable overlapped recycle
  • Enable Gzip compression.


  • Make sure you can find all content types that makes sense.
  • All URL's are SEO friendly (No parameters such as ?nid=123)


  • Site tested on different screen resolutions. 4k to 1024x768 and mobile.
  • Has the colours been contrast tested
  • Site tested for accessibility. For example WCAG
  • Tested on tablets (Android + iPad).
  • Tested on Android and iOS.
  • All links that are not obvious have Title attribute set.
  • All pages have a link back to the home page.


  • Robots.txt file.
  • Set up e-mail or SMS alerts for uptime monitoring, for example Better Uptime

Content publishing

Test that these types of content look good:

  • Nested lists.
  • Links in text
  • Images in text. Are they scaled on mobile?
  • Other text formatting.
  • Tables.

Other CMS setup

  • You have contact info, privacy policy, feedback, terms and copyright info.
  • Site tested with realistic content.
  • Are all templates automatically set when creating new content
  • If you are using a module based setup, are the modules created in the correct folder
  • Can you preview the modules?
  • Have you tested different combinations of the modules?
  • Are the “Show in Tree” and “Show in Menu” defaults set correctly?
  • Have you added icons to all content types (Important for usability)
  • Have you checked that a file library exists?
  • Enable all the relevant logs in Relatude