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Cannot locate Property with id
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I search users using Query<> method like this:
var users = WAFContext.Session.Query<ADUser>()
                  .Where(u => u.Name.ToLower().Contains(searchterm)
                     || u.UserName.Contains(searchterm)
                     || u.Email.ToLower().Contains(searchterm));

int hits = users.Count();

It worked, but now I get error:

Cannot locate Property with id -89999978 in Combined definition of Native type.

I've tried full rebuild, creaing cache and index but nothing has helped.

Do you have any idea what migh be the problem?



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Hi, I think the probelm is that the built in LINQ provider in Webnodes does not support the "ToLower" method. It does not translate "ToLower" to an SQL equivalent. In any case the SQL LIKE statement that"Contains" is converted to is NOT case sensitive. Try without "ToLower", it should give the same result.

If that does not help, use "LINQ to objects", by converting all users to a list first. "ToList()" before you filter. This will affect performance. So this is not a good option if execution time is important.

The "ultimate" soltion is to use AQL, see for details

Let me know if you need help in building the AQL query.


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Thank you Ole.
Removing ToLower solved the problem.

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I chose to respond to this subject as I get almost the same error:

Cannot locate ContentClass with id 1607 in Combined definition of Native type.

The line causing the problem looks like this:

var modules = currentContent.Get(false, false);

currentContent = NodeRelationsPropertyValue<T>


In this case, currentContent does not have any modules, but it seems like it is still looking for a content class it cannot find. We have had similar problems before. Therefore we tried using .Get(false, false) instead of .Get(), as we suspect the missing node may be deleted/unpublished, but this does not seem to work.

We have tried running the "Ensure"-jobs in /waf/setup without any change.

We have also tried running the "Delete unreferenced records" in /edit, but this causes the same error as when trying to run the site:

Cannot locate ContentClass with id 1607 in Combined definition of Native type.

This contentClass does not appear when searching in Relatude. My wastebin is also empty.

Do you have any idea how to fix this other than replacing my local database?

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Could you send me the definition file and the database, so we can check?

Use or similar service. vidar at relatude dot com


Also, which version of Relatude are you using?


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I sent you the files now.

I use Relatude v5.0.2045 on this project.