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Updated forum

We have updated the forum quite a bit lately.

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Posted by: Webnodes   |    07.10.2020    |   Number of comments: 0

Updated Go-live checklist

We have updated the go-live checklist to better reflect modern challenges in Relatude projects.

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Posted by: Webnodes   |    02.06.2020    |   Number of comments: 0

Relatude launches support for PostgreSQL

Relatude today launches support for PostgreSQL.

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Posted by: Employee   |    16.08.2018    |   Number of comments: 0

TinyMCE and Chrome problems

Over the last few months, there has been a couple of bugs in old versions of TinyMCE and new versions of Chrome, that has resulted in some functionality in the editor to fail.

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Posted by: Webnodes   |    08.10.2017    |   Number of comments: 0

Azure websites

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Posted by: Webnodes   |    11.04.2016    |   Number of comments: 0

Important fix regarding sites hanging on startup

Build 1765 contains an important workaround of a bug in Owin that can degrade the developer experience in Relatude

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Posted by: Webnodes   |    20.11.2015    |   Number of comments: 0

Sql Server 2014 - LocalDB

In the latest version of Sql Server 2014 there are changes in how you access LocalDB

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Posted by: Webnodes   |    21.08.2015    |   Number of comments: 0

Breaking change in BuildSearchIndex

In build 1729, we introduced a breaking change for those that override the BuildSearchIndex method in one or more content classes.

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Posted by: Webnodes   |    05.06.2015    |   Number of comments: 0

LocalDB connection problems

We've had a few reports over the last few months where Sql Server LocalDB sometimes crashes. It's not a problem with Relatude or caused by Relatude, but when we finally got the error ourselves, we needed to find a solution

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Posted by: Webnodes   |    03.06.2015    |   Number of comments: 0

Visual Studio Ontology plugin

We have a new Visual Studio Ontology plugin in softrelease. Additional details below.

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Posted by: Webnodes   |    12.01.2015    |   Number of comments: 0
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