The documentation section contains the formal documentation for Relatude CMS. It consists of several main parts:


The installation section contains detailed information on how to install Relatude on both a local machine, and on a server running IIS. It goes through everything from where to find the installation application to the setup of the database. It also contains an article with details on how to configure IIS.

Quick Guide

The quick guide is documentation you can read in 5 minutes to get a Relatude installation up and running on your local development machine, and an ultra brief section on how to edit content and things to try in the edit interface.

Developer Guide

The developer guide is a big section that covers the basics of most of the issues new developers face when developing with Relatude CMS. This is a good starting point to understand how the system is built and how you work with it.

API Reference

The API reference is the most technical documentation of Relatude you'll find. It describes each class in the system in detail.