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"Disallow /relatude/" in robots.txt
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I want to add the line "Disallow: /relatude/" in my robots.txt-file.

For /waf/ and /edit/, I have the following lines in my robots.ashx-file:

sb.AppendLine("Disallow: " + WAFContext.UrlFromHostToApp + WAFContext.UrlFromAppToFolderWAF);
sb.AppendLine("Disallow: " + WAFContext.UrlFromHostToApp + WAFContext.UrlFromAppToFolderVirtualEdit);

I have tried to find the "relatude"-keyword among the most similar properties in WAFContext without luck. 

So my question is, does such a keyword exist (yet)? Or do I simply have to write this for now:

sb.AppendLine("Disallow: /relatude/");

Thanks for any help,

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There isn't a Property on WAFContext that returns "relatude" yet, so you have to hardcode it.



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All right, thank you for answering quickly