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Error when removing a relation
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I have an issue with removing a relation and saving the changes.

I have a content of HierarchicalContent wich have a contentChildrenProperty which have a relation where the page is the parent and the child is a contentClass of base class HierarchicalContent. The property has Control type set to CheckboxList. I am able to check one or more of the items in the list and save. When I then try to uncheck one of the items and save I get an error saying "Failed to save." Further the error say:

Invalid LCID in content path: e1eed599-4225-40a4-8ed9-5277354d02c0.
Error: Invalid LCID in content path: e1eed599-4225-40a4-8ed9-5277354d02c0.
    at new r (
    at ()
    at Function.getPaths (
    at Session. (
    at ()
    at new Promise ()
    at __awaiter (
    at Session.deleteRelations (

Do you have any thoughts or solutions to this issue? 

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Thank you for detailed bug report. We managed to repeat it locally and found a bug in the UI related to missing LCID infomation. We have just released a fix for this. Simply refresh your browser and it should be ok now. Let me know it solves your problem.

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I have tried to refresh now and still gets this issue. We have this issue both localy, in test and in production. We have not done any code changes before this hapened.

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ok, you might need to update the server to version later than 2106, to get the fixed UI. Could you try this url to test that this is the case: [your site]/relatude?version=511

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Yes, this solved it.


Thank you!