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I refactored some code.. and broke Webnodes..
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After refactoring some code, my webnodes installation suddenly stopped working (after successfully running all Unit Tests).

I have not touched IIS settings, web.config or global.asax.

I have restarted IIS and Sqlserver. I have also deleted temp files (in c:\Windows\Microsoft.Net). I have also deleted \WAF\Files\Temp.

Accessing /edit produces the same error.

My entire Solution compiles fine, and the Webnodes site is verified without any problems.





I also get the same error when I attempt to ensure basic data / rebuild code files.








Does anyone have an idea on how to get it working again? :)





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Hi, this is a known error, that can occur during restart and is caused by the system failing to de-serialize som objects that are saved to disk to persist sessions during restarts.

The lastest update should fix it permanently, but to get webnodes up and running quickly delete all folders (normally only 1 or 2 with GUID as names) located under: waf/files/content/settings

Let us know if this does not help!


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It worked! Thank you!