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.Net 6 release is coming soon!

We've been working on a move from .Net Framework to .Net 6 for quite some time. We're now very close to a release. 

We're extremely excited about this release, and combined with the completely new UI we launched in 2019, it is one of the biggest releases we've had. We have removed a LOT of old code related to Webforms, so the whole Relatude core is a lot smaller and nimbler.

The main benefits of .Net 6:

  • Cross platform (allows you to host on Linux. Azure App Services based on Linux are 2-3x cheaper than their Windows counterparts).

  • Much faster. While .Net has always been much faster than PHP and similar languages and frameworks, it hasn't been among the fastest platforms in the market. With .Net Core (and 5/6), this has changed. There is a huge focus on performance on all levels. 

  • More modern. A lot of APIs have been modernized.


We'll go into more detail when the release is ready. 

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