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Relatude clipboard
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I have an issue with your "custom clipboard".

With the custom clipboard, I mean the one that activates when copying an image using the copy button in Relatude, that allows for not only the image to copy, but also its metadata such as photographer (see attached image)

I see that this clipboard is also in use in HTMLPropertyClasses, and this is where the problem arises. If you have already copied an image using the "custom clipboard" once, and afterwards you try to copy and paste some text using the regular clipboard into the Html field, it's still the image that's being pasted. That is, if the "custom clipboard" has been activated, it overrides the regular clipboard and there is no way to deactivate it again. 

Do you have any thoughts or solutions to this issue? 


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Hi Anna, thank you for reporting this. This is correct. They way out of it is to clear the internal clipboard by clicking on the copy icon at the top bar, next to the search field. But, we realize this is a litte confusing and not ideal.

We looked into this yesterday and due to recent additions to browser API related to the clipboard we are now able to solve this in a better way. The latest release contains this fix.

This will eliminate the need to perform the operation above, and the clipboard will work as the user expects.