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Relatude launches support for PostgreSQL

Adding support for one more database engine has been an important goal for Relatude. Especially one that is easy to use during development, but which also has a lot of good cloud based hosting alternatives.

PostgreSQL support is still in beta, but tests so far have been very promising. Relatude encourages partners and customers to give PostgreSQL a try, and would like feedback on issues encountered, the chances of you switching to PostgreSQL, as well as any other thoughts on the experience of using PostgreSQL with Relatude CMS.

One of the main motivations for supporting PostgreSQL, aside from it being a major actor in the SQL market, is trying to find more affordable hosting options. Since PostgreSQL is Open Source there are a lot of hosting alternatives available.


Hosting on Azure

Relatude has over the last years hosted all our websites and databases on Azure. We have done a quick price comparison between MS SQL Elastic Pool and a PostgreSQL server with similar specifications.

MS SQL can be configured using either eDTU and vCore pricing models. A DTU is a share of a CPU, Memory and IO, and all parameters increase/decrease with the number of DTUs selected.

As a rule of thumb: 100 DTUs in Standard tier requires at least 1 vCore in General Purpose tier.


We have focused on vCore pricing models as they are available for both products.

Product Per vCore Per GB
PostgreSQL 581,29 NOK 1,03 NOK
MS SQL 1 540,78 NOK 1,03 NOK

Table 1: Listing the price of vCores and gigabytes per product. 


Product 2 vCores/60GB 2 vCores/200GB 4 vCores/60GB 4 vCores/200GB
PostgreSQL 1 224 NOK 1 367 NOK 2 386 NOK 2 530 NOK
MS SQL 3 161 NOK 3 348 NOK 6 243 NOK 6 429 NOK

Table 2: Comparing 4 different plans.

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