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Søke opp alle instanser av en InnerContentClass
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I løsningen er det mulig å søke opp alle instanser av en ContentClass.
Er det mulig å gjøre det samme for en InnerContentClass?

Mvh Anna

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The short answer is no. An InnerContent is always accessed through the node that contains it in the API.

Having said that, it is possible to get all the instances of a specific InnerContentClass with code.

Can you say something about your use-case, so we can understand a bit better what you are trying to do or if we have another solution to the problem?

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Hi, yeah.

We are planning to remove a field in an inner content class, as it does not work (we suspect it should have been removed long ago, but was forgotten). Still, it would be nice to go through all instances, just to make sure that the field is not in use somewhere. 

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How would you decide if it the field is in use somewhere? If it is not empty, it is in use?

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Yes, the field is a NodeParentPropertyClass. So I want to find out if there is any case where the relation is set to something.