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Wrong test URL for Nets payments
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I experience some problems with testing payment solutions in the test environment. The problem occurs when I do the request:


_paymentProvider is here of type IWAFPaymentMethodProvider, and is declared using a PaymentMethod _paymentMethod and the method _paymentMethod.GetPaymentProvider()

The error message I get is the following: Det var ingen endepunkter som lyttet på, som kunne godta meldingen. Dette skyldes ofte en feil adresse eller SOAP-handling. Se InnerException, hvis tilgjengelig, hvis du vil ha flere detaljer.

It seems to me that is an outdated Url, as Nets' documentation pages provides as test url. I have checked configurations both in our solution and in Relatude, and we use the updated url.

My question then is, is a different url used by Relatude in this method?


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The url to the WSDL file is not configurable at the moment. We have published a new build (2079) with the new test url. So if you upgrade, it should work.