.Net 6

The .Net 6 release is a huge new release of Relatude, with a lot of change.

New Nuget package

While the .Net 6 release is as backwards compatible as possible, there are some breaking changes that we couldn't avoid during development. This means that the upgrading from .Net Framework to .Net 6 is a bit more involved than just updating the Nuget.

To avoid confusion, and signal that the differences between the two version, the .Net 6 version have a new Nuget package called Relatude.Core.

Many benefits

There are a lot of benefits of using the .Net 6 version:

  • Even faster performance
  • Cross plattform support. Run on Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Long term support (LTS) release of .Net
  • More modern architecture
  • C# 10


PLEASE NOTE: The Visual Studio Plugin must be updated for compatability with .Net 6.0 projects.

Download the latest plugin here:  Relatude Visual Studio Plugin.vsix