Release notes

v5.0.2108/2117 - 08.04.2021

  • Bugfix related to adding language versions on new contents. The system did not set the correct default values on properties common to all cultures.
  • Fixed bug related to new UI and relation fields on unpublished contents. Sometimes relations of unpublished content could be missing in UI.
  • New cloud logging service. More info will follow.
  • Functionality for customizing main UI menu
  • More functionality on e-ecommerce module
  • Updated reference to RestSharp
  • Bugfix related to b1116 Link Property Types. May prevent user from logging in in the editor interface.
  • Added option for custom db warning page on startup after new definition. Add this to appSettings in web.config:
    <add key="WAF.DbChangeWarningPage" value="HtmlPage1.html" />
  • Added missing functionality in new UI for max length on short string and long string property types.
  • Preview of new serverside workflow system. More info will follow.

v5.0.2107 - 17.01.2021

  • Simplified code generation for routing. 
  • Internal changes related to payment providers ( Klarna )
  • Various minor improvements to AI image services.
  • Fixed Postgresql bug related to reserved tables names
  • Improvements to clipboard in CMS UI
  • New Image editor
  • Minor updates for image editor and OCR
  • Minor bugfix. Video thumbnail in editor did not appear correctly on video files of type .MOV
  • Bugfix related to video converter and video player
  • API changes for better file restore in edit UI
  • API changes for new image editor edit UI

v5.0.2100/2101 - 19.11.2020

  • Fixed bug related to "Restore" on image editor
  • Color picker for image background ( See properties on files )
  • Performance enhancements related to relation queries
  • More functionality with "Content Cards" ( See system module )
  • Round corners in UI
  • Minor compatability fix related later .Net versions and OData

v5.0.2080 - 09.11.2020

  • Implemented new File Access API in UI ( came with Chrome 86 ). Used for uploading and downloading folder structures on local machine. See download and upload folder buttons in the tree view of the file library, server files and storage providers like drop box.
  • Added option to remove "Add new" button on inner contents. See "HideAddNewButtons" option of inner contents properties in the definition module
  • Added language flag to Favorites in welcome module.
  • Fixed bug related to question about saving changes in a closing blade.
  • Added options to delete selected users and groups in user module.

v5.0.2077 - 04.11.2020

  • Fixed old bug related to adding new content revisions versions. The bug caused problems is related to content Guids and caused problems in the new UI. Websites with multiple languages or websites with the revision system activated, are recommended to update as soon as possible.

v5.0.2070 - 04.11.2020

  • Dynamic Content cards ( WAFTag ) - allows editing of small Razor templates stored in db.
  • Fixed old file upload bug found in the web form module. Bug preventet file upload if the internal ID of the file field was shorter than 6 chars.
  • Fixed old bug related to default values on enumeration datatypes
  • Fixed compatability with "Save password" function in Chrome
  • Added scheduled tasks to system module



  • New forms module.
  • New blog molude
  • New fourm module
  • Misc. fixes related to multiple languages,
  • Old bugfix related to order of innercontents.
  • Bugfixes related to languages and preliminary versions
  • New File Indexing and Translate service.
  • Better video provider.
  • ID fixes related to export, import and sync of content.
  • Improvements to Wastebin
  • Added publication approve date to UI
  • New Welcome module in UI
  • Added "Create as preliminary" option to UI
  • New and much improved "Seam Carving" scale algorithm
  • Added odata / linq query capabilities to properties on "ContentInfo"
  • Added "Category name" to settings of content classes. This enables custom tabs in the create dialogue in the new UI.
  • Beta versions of graph query for new UI. ( more info will follow )
  • Various minor bugfixes.
  • Fixed rotation of JPEG from EXIF info.
  • Added better selection of default content type in file library when uploading new files.
  • Added code MaxDurationInSec property to scheduled tasks.
  • Added server cache to AI Image Upscale and BG Eraser
  • Added AI for image background removal
  • Fixed bugs related to cache purge
  • More webform submit API
  • NB: minor braking change:
    "bool isReIndex" added as parameter to: ContentBase.BuildSearchIndex
    You might need to update custom search code to compile solution after update.
  • Moved SpellIndex. You will need to reindex site to enable new ai suggest feature from b2050.
    Added installation property to disable Image AI and OCR on full site reindex.
    Improved file handling, to enable better cleanup in temp folder. ( No more empty folders after file upload )
  • Image object recognition and indexing ( keywords, with translation to all languages)
  • Intelligent default for image focus point
  • Intelligent default for image crop/zoom mode
  • Automatic background color detection and fill
  • Image OCR - Text in images becomes part of search index ( inludes handwritten text )

v5.0.2031 - 04.02.2020

New in this version:

  • "Create preview link " button on contents (... menu), for sharing links of unpublished content
  • "Get Link" button on file fields
  • Fixed bug releated to drag drop on list control
  • Added confirmation dialogues and option to delete children when deleting contents from content tree.

+ Many other minor UI improvements 


v5.0.2028 - 28.01.2020

New in this version:

  • First release with support for multiple languages
  • Bugfixes



v5.0.2024 - 10.01.2020

New in this version:

  • Added «Relevant Classes» option to link properties. ( See property settings in definition module)
  • Fixed date format bug in list views.
  • Changed Class filter drop down in Content Search for Link properties to also include class descendants
  • Added support for WAFTags ( see new icon in HTML editor ). Works for inline HTML and forms so far.
  • Added storage provider system for integrating with file libraries from other systems like dropbox, OneDrive etc. ( more info will follow, or contact us)
  • Improvements in preview system
  • More functionality related to Inline editing ( Image editing etc )
  • Added module for editing files directly on server
  • Added module for UI branding customization (color, logo etc) more info
  • Added support for custom icons, more info

+ Many other minor UI improvements