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Updated forum

We have updated the forum quite a bit lately.

Updated Go-live checklist

We have updated the go-live checklist to better reflect modern challenges in Relatude projects.

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.Net 6

The .Net 6 release is a huge new release of Relatude, with a lot of change. We have started a public beta of the .Net 6 release. While a big part of t

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Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection is an important part of how .Net 6 and ASP.Net Core functions. The .Net 6 version of Relatude introduces some new classes to use

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Routing in .Net 6

Routing is an important part of any .Net 6 website. You can control all the routing yourself, or you can use built-in routing for some or all routing.

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Login without Identity provider

Relatude ships with a custom Identity provider, but you are free to handle logins manually if you want.