Getting started

Installing Relatude is usually a quick and easy process, but it can be done in several ways.

General info

Both of the methods (CLI and Visual Studio) described here are using the same functionality behind the scenes: Template packages. Template packages are based on Nuget packages. Read more about it in the aforementioned link.

First you need to install the templates by running these dotnet commands:

dotnet new --install relatude.templates
dotnet new --install relatude.demos

Visual Studio installation


Visual Studio has a user interface to search and find templates that you can install and use as the starting point for a project. Note that Visual Studio as mentioned here, is the full Visual Studio 2022 for Windows. If you use a different editor/IDE, we suggest that you use the CLI method. 

See the full tutorial on how to install Relatude using Visual Studio

See here for instruction on developing with a MAC

Installation using .Net CLI

.Net has been cross platform since the release of the first .Net Core version. Since Visual Studio isn't cross platform, a way to install and manage .Net applications was needed. The DotNet CLI is the low level solution to that problem. It is, as the name implies and terminal/cmd based tool to perform various .Net related tasks.

See the full walkthrough on how to install Relatude using .Net CLI.


New version of the ontology plugin

 The Visual Studio ontology plugin has been updated to support .Net 6. Download the new version from here. This is the plugin needed to edit the datamodel file "content.definition". Please note this plugin is only compatible with the Windows verision of Visual Studio.

Different installation templates

While the basic template you can install will give you a fully functional Relatude website, it is very basic. To get more examples of more complex functionality, we have series of demo sites that you can install.

As they become available, we will publish information. 

Older versions

To run the old setup program for the Standard Framework version download this zip and run the "Relatude.exe" program.