The Relatude CMS supports OData out of the box

Resources and learning material

How to consume OData

The following links shows how you can consume OData feeds and retrieve data from other systems for reuse in Relatude.

How to expose OData to other systems

Enable Odata with the following steps.

In Visual Studio add references to

  • System.Data.Services (3.5)
  • System.Data.Services.Client (3.5)

Turn on OData in the installation settings.

odata dialogodata dialog

Enter the appropriate settings. Make sure the Base URL is unique and do not overlap with other resources on your site.

Do a rebuild of the site to make the changes to the site.

odata rebuildodata rebuild

If you get a compilation error during rebuild with a error message similar to: "The namespace «WAF.Service» already contains a definition for ‘Country’" this means that there is a naming conflict with other content classes in your solution. To change the name of an OData class open the class or property and manually set another name as shown below.

odata settingsodata settings

Do a full rebuild. You should now be able to test your OData endpoint.

odata endpointodata endpoint