Install Relatude using Visual Studio

Installation using Visual Studio is very easy to do. Follow the steps below to get a working version of Relatude running on your machine.

Create new project

To install Relatude using Visual Studio, open Visual Studio. In the dialogue window, click on the "Create a new project":

Find one of the Relatude templates in VS

After you have selected to create a new project, VS asks you what kind of project you want to create. The solutions listed are available for install. The easiest way to see which templates you can install, is to search for Relatude:

Select location and name

After selecting the template, VS asks you what to name your product, and where you want to install the files:

Run and setup database

After naming the project and selecting the location, you can run the project to start Relatude. You start Relatude in debug mode, or you can just choose "View in browser". 

Since this is the first time starting up this new installation of Relatude, Relatude will detect that this is the first time starting up, and show a specialized view, which allows you to setup the database. In the view, you can select the database type.