Upgrade instructions

Instructions for upgrading to the new ontology plugin:

(build 1700 and later)

Follow these steps to upgrade your website:


  1. Download the entire site locally.
  2. Restore site locally.
  3. Upgrade as normal using the Relatude Setup tool. NB! Builds after 2002 use Nuget for updates
  4. Install the Visual Studio Plugin from the Relatude Setup tool. 
  5. Open the website in Visual Studio and open the file called "content.definition" at root
  6. This should open the new Plugin. Click save once to regenerate all code.
  7. Compile and run website. 

Please note:

  • Do not make any changes to your datamodel before you run it the first time after an upgrade. Just save once to regenerate the code and run the website. If you have already made changes to the datamodel or need to publish the code on a website with an older database. Run "ensure tables and fields" under [Site Root]/waf/setup/

About the database and changes to the datamodel

The update of the database has changed in the new version. The new version automatically updates and changes the database the first time you connect to it with a changed datamodel. It stores a copy of the previous datamodel in the database and compares changes with the current model on startup.

This comparison is based on GUIDs, so it understands renames etc and will not be confused if for instance two properties swap names. Please note that this automatic update can only take place if you you have already connected to the database after a Relatude 5.0 upgrade without making any changes to the datamodel. If for some reason the automatic update fails, or you have made changes to the datamodel and want to connect to an older database from before the upgrade, go to [Site Root]/waf/setup and run "ensure tables and fields".

Click here for more information about the New Ontology Plugin