Installation .Net Framework version

Installing Relatude is very quick process, no matter if you are running locally on your development machine, or on a server using IIS. Below are detailed instructions.

Download and run setup application

Installation of Relatude CMS is done using the Relatude Setup application. You download the application at . If you are running Internet Explorer, the application should start the installation process right away(It's a ClickOnce application). If you use another browser you need to start the exe file manually. When the installation starts, the rest of the application is downloaded:


When the installation is completed, this is the screen that greets you:

There are two ways of installing Relatude. One is to install a demo site, and the other is to "install" or restore a .site file. Restoring a .site file when development is completed is a common way of installing Relatude on a server for the first time.

Installing a demo site

Click the "Install website" button in the setup application to install a new Relatude site, either based on an empty Relatude installation, or one of the Relatude sample websites. 

That loads a new screen, showing the available installation options:

Restore a .site file

To restore a .site file, click the "Restore" button in the setup tool. The first step is to locate the .site file that you want to restore:

The rest of the process is continued below in the "Local machine installation" (or in the Remote installation, if you have enabled it).